Geocall – GIS component

By OverIT S.p.A.

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Geocall is the reference product for companies aiming at an optimal management of field activities (Field Service): maintenance, technical assistance and emergency service. One of the most significant and representative features of Geocall is the availability of a cartographic component supporting maintenance processes, in addition to the full integration with the GIS solutions present in the client’s systems. GIS technology in Geocall is also available on the Mobile App, online and offline, and even in Augmented Reality, thus enhancing user experience and providing optimal support to field activities and technicians’ decision-making processes. The main mobile features allow to: • Visualize the structure and the details of plants on any mobile devices, with related information and multimedia attachments; • Consult geographic data and maps, also offline; • Enable map collaboration (interaction of many users on cartography) through dedicated tools, such as bookmarks and redlining; • Consult the network on cartography, choosing what layer to view (network and background); • Consult the network scheme; • Research objects and locate them on cartography; • Consult the attributes of cartographic elements; • Measure and arrange through measuring tools and coordinates; • Access to the Google Street View visualization mode; • Visualize in Augmented Reality and in real-time the location and orientation of hidden assets on field.

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