Geospatial Visualization and Situational Awareness (GvSA)

By PAR Government Systems Corp

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GvSA™ is a geospatially-enabled solution that provides decision makers with real-time access to the critical information they need during emergency response. This allows first responders to make better informed decisions and improve the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of operations. With GvSA, first responders track, monitor, collect, and collaborate in real-time, which in turn streamlines mission workflows and shortens the information cycle. GvSA gives first responders a clear picture of the location and status of deployed teams. It allows them to monitor video feeds from airborne or ground sensors and to collect field data and share that data with others in real-time. GvSA consists of a native mobile app, a web application, and a server application working across cellular and WiFi networks. For more disadvantaged communications environments, this solution can be integrated with PAR Government’s GvTether™ device, which connects mobile devices with tactical and land mobile radios. With GvTether, GvSA extends the network to remote areas that otherwise have little or no cellular connectivity, and sustains digital communications in the aftermath of natural or man-made disasters that have knocked down the communications infrastructure.


Forestry,GIS,Homeland Security,Public Safety

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