Folsom, CA, United States


ParcelQuest is the sole provider of California County Assessor property data from all 58 California counties. In contrast to all other available syndicated property data services, content in ParcelQuest is not the result of off shore data entry personnel keying elements from County Recorder documents. ParcelQuest receives daily updated data directly from California county departments. Most California agencies and utilities legal departments have mandated users to “source” data sets used to communicate to the public. These users must have the confidence that the source of their licensed syndicated data is not just an attempt to duplicate the County data but is in fact the same as the County’s own information. If the your agency has similar requirements, ParcelQuest is that singular source in California. The exact opposite is the case for the parcel outline (polygon) layer ParcelQuest publishes to our esri Enterprise Server. Most of the counties within California are simply unable to keep up with the parcel changes fast enough to meet the demands of agencies, utilities and private companies. ParcelQuest deploys a mapping staff of five full-time people who keep our parcel polygon layer current to within a month of any change. It is that constant update of parcel changes throughout the state that makes ParcelQuest unique among all property data vendors. Our competitors simply aggregate available data sets from each county, they get what the county has.