Pathway Accessibility Solutions Inc

Pittsburgh, PA, United States


The future of urban transportation planning and decision-making often focuses solely on vehicles, rather than efficient mobility of people. pathVu is driving innovation and collaboration to improve sidewalk infrastructure so all pedestrians can have universal access to life — without barriers. We are putting sidewalks on the map.



DATA COLLECTION Better, faster, and more accurate sidewalk data than traditional methods. We provide objective, high resolution data collection services to inventory and characterize sidewalk conditions. Our proprietary engineering-grade pathMet device was used to develop ASTM standard E3028 and provides a route accessibility index to quickly prioritize improvements based upon customer-specific needs. Structure your approach when planning a more supportive and universally accessible campus Using our first-of-its-kind sidewalk data, we connect campuses with structured frameworks to make accessibility and walkability planning decisions for everyone. Be proactive by providing safe access to all pedestrians in accordance with local, state, and federal accessibility requirements.

Services Provided:

Business Case Development, Data Model & Database Design, Needs and Requirements