AssessPro 5.0

By Patriot Properties Inc.

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Patriot Properties, Inc. is the developer of AssessPro, a highly versatile and comprehensive, Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) application with the most powerful assessment tools available in today's market. Full real and personal property valuation models, administration, document and photograph storage, and the best integrated sketch application available are all includedAssessPro 5.0 •All new task management - Able to assign many parcels and tasks to a person in one step •Shared ownership on Real Estate & Personal Property •Improved audit tracking •Data that doesn't change is not duplicated year to year •See through sketch for tracing •Unlimited building sections •Different color screens for different years •Easy multi-year handling; Start next year’s work any time •Scroll down the street by odd or even or both numbering •All new note handling with who and when •Models to quickly create buildings including rooms, sketch, depreciation as well as building description •All new filter with enhanced features and export •All building related data on one screen including rooms and depreciation •LUC and neighborhood at the parcel Level so not necessary to enter on each land line (or to have land lines at all) •Summary or real property data like picture, sketch, sf, Land Use Code, year, grade quickly visible from Personal Property


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