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InVision™ FM for operations and maintenance integrates data sources to give you a comprehensive perspective of your facilities. You may not be the data owner for the information you need, but InVision accepts data from other sources, QA’s it, and makes it available for you to drill down to any level of detail. By using location as the organizing principle, IVFM provides focus to previously isolated and complex data, revealing new opportunities for increased efficiency and cost savings—both locally and across an entire property portfolio. This fresh insight into your facilities makes it easier for you to validate critical decisions about space utilization; lease management; infrastructure, utility, and asset management (indoors, outdoors, and underground); environmental conditions, and more. With InVision FM, you will use graphical maps to visualize, interact with, and manage information like FloorMaps, space assignments, capital planning costs, and compliance data—any information that is relevant to effectively managing your facilities. The end result is a more thorough understanding of your facilities so you can validate and make mission-critical operations and maintenance decisions and take appropriate action to carry them out. Standalone or integrated with existing IWMS, CAFM, EAM, and ERP systems, InVision FM provides a full set of features and capabilities to meet your facility management requirements by helping you: - Optimize space utilization and efficiently manage moves/adds/changes - Inspect and manage buildings, grounds, spaces, assets, utilities, and infrastructure—indoors, outdoors, and underground—while creating and updating data in the field using mobile devices - Manage service requests through structured, user-defined workflows - Streamline lease management processes and meet deadlines - Maintain healthy facility environments - Manage energy usage and efficiency - Meet ADA and other compliance requirements - Inform capital planning and budget forecasting decisions


Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Aviation, Community Development, Defense, Demographics, Education, Electric & Gas, Entertainment & Leisure, Environmental Management, Financial Services, Foundations & Associations, GIS, Health & Human Services, Homeland Security, Information Technology, Insurance, Intelligence, Libraries & Museums, Manufacturing, Map, Chart & Data Production, Marine, Maritime, Media, Mining, Parks & Recreation, Petroleum, Public Administration & Policy, Public Engineering, Public Finance, Revenue & Accounting, Public Safety, Public Transit, Public Works, Real Estate, Research Organizations, Retail, Telco, Water Resources

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