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Stack 61 is the most flexible and scalable inventory management solution on the market that gives you complete control over your materials, from the warehouse to their final usage. The highly configurable solution allows you to set up templates to track and trace any type of material. Whether you are a project manager, a warehouse manager, a supply chain director or anyone in between, Stack61 is built to make your job easier. The genius of Stack61 lies in its simplicity - the simplicity of administering the system and its simplicity of usage. Choosing Stack61 means choosing an interface that is so intuitive, that the training curve is a day. Getting an accurate count of material inventory in your warehouses has never been easier. Quickly log all spare parts and materials using a mobile device. Smart dropdowns make data entry fast and easy. Then, attach source documentation and photos and log inventory in record time. Account for all the materials with accuracy. If an item was bought for Project A but used in Project B, Stack61 can allocate the item to the correct cost code and provide a cost transfer report. The flexibility of Stack61 stems from its powerful configuration engine. The solution can be configured to track any type of material and their corresponding material attributes. It leverages company standards and domain codes for alignment with company databases. In addition to material types and categories, Stack61 allows for the configuration of workflows related to reserving material for usage, material logistics and various other alerts and notifications for decision support


Architecture, Engineering & Construction, GIS, Manufacturing, Petroleum, Pipeline, Trucking & Distribution

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