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Prospects and Leads Database, PLDM: Petrosys PLDB™ is a powerful enterprise solution for creating an organized, secure repository of your prospects, leads, plays and opportunities. Implementing industry standard risk-assessment and portfolio-management concepts, PLDB empowers geoscientists to consistently describe, combine and quantify risk and value potential at all stages of the E&P lifecycle. PLDB is a web based tool that builds on the workflows, data models, reference information and analytical tools proven through 20 years of successful resource development in the Australian E&P industry. Based on industry standard prospect risk analysis methods, PLDB provides a clear and well documented user interface that encourages consistent and credible capture of geoscience, engineering and financial opinions to facilitate a corporate team approach to the ongoing and auditable review of asset values. Implemented as extensions to the PPDM 3.8 standard data model, PLDB allows integration of actual drilling and production outcomes with resource estimates to undertake post drill analyses and improve the confidence of future estimates. Strong version control and powerful linking to background images, reports and other data sets give E&P executives confidence in their team’s opinions when reporting resources and planning future investments. Petrosys understands that successful corporations have come to trust specific methods for the definition of prospect risk and aggregation of value. PLDB is offered as a site configurable tool in which Petrosys will work with clients to tailor data entry procedures, reference values and descriptions, and computational methods to implement company specific requirements, and to optimally integrate resource estimates with enterprise information architectures in a vendor neutral manner.



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