Highly accurate satellite topography for mining

By PhotoSat

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PhotoSat produces 1m contours and 1m digital topographic grids (DEMs) using our own geophysical satellite processing technology. We are achieving elevation accuracies of better than 30cm RMSE, demonstrated in multiple accuracy studies available on the Experience section of our website. These engineering quality topographic datasets accelerate projects and eliminate survey delays. Benefits: • Minimize the exposure of field crews when accessing dangerous or remote areas. • Ideal for open pit mining volumes, volumetrics in leach pads and stockpiles, tailings monitoring, toes and crests mapping, mine site planning, feasibility studies, and reserve and resource estimates. • Faster surveying than traditional field crew acquisitions. • Available globally using stereo satellite photos. • Requires no in-country presence or permits. • Cost-effective alternative to surveying, LiDAR, and ortho photogrammetry. Package includes: • 1m or 50cm contours • 1m digital topographic grid (DEM) • 50cm satellite ortho photo



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