Geospatial ML Platform (GeoAI)

By Picterra

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Picterra is a software platform for the training, deployment, and management of machine learning models powering geospatial applications & business services. Picterra enables organizations to build scalable geospatial products with our geospatial MLOps platform. The platform, which is entirely cloud-native, allows you to manage all your data in one place, create, train and improve models in a collaborative environment, and bring them into production without needing additional resources from IT. With built-in support for APIs and plugins there are many options to build customer dashboards for clients or continue processing in other GIS software. Even entire SaaS platforms can be built by embedding Picterra’s powerful machine learning capabilities. Data science teams using Picterra spend up to 95% less time productionizing models because: 1. The most resource- intensive and time consuming steps of model development are automated 2. They have autonomy to prototype fast without relying on the IT or business side for resources 3. They use readily available infrastructure and run entire image libraries with one click using our managed MLOps The seamless integration with ArcGIS allows users to bring the power of Picterra into their work. The Picterra add-in appears along the top ribbon and provides the ability to drastically scale operations without disrupting existing processes. The results are then effortlessly included in your ArcGIS ecosystem for any post processing. ArcGIS Pro users, may not want to switch between tools multiple times a day, and prefer to be able to do everything within your GIS software. This is the reason why we’ve developed the ArcGIS add-in for Picterra. Raster pre-processing, annotating, training, detecting and post-processing results: all of that is made possible by the add-in.


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