Pollen Systems Corporation

Bellevue, WA, United States


Pollen Systems delivers Advanced Agricultural Analytics with proven impact: enabling farmers to better manage crop growth and vitality, identify irrigation and moisture issues, and note pests and disease problems by incorporating data collected from sources including drones, satellites, IoT Sensors, and mobile devices. The Pollen PrecisionViewâ„¢ Portal, augmented by a sophisticated data platform and integrated with the ESRI ArcGIS platform, quickly and accurately provides GIS-backed farm mapping and reports that can combine multi-spectral and thermal crop image analysis with ground data: informing and instructing farmers with solutions to increase crop yield and quality. Our customers include farms with high value crops, nurseries looking to track growth of seedlings prior to sale, and biostimulant, fertilizer and pesticide companies seeking to test the impact of their applications. Our solutions are now available internationally to help more effectively feed the world, while optimizing the use of water, pesticides, fertilizers and biostimulants.