POWER Engineers Inc

Meridian, ID, United States


POWER is a full-service global consulting and engineering firm specializing in integration and progressive solutions for utilities, energy, facilities, communications, environmental, food and beverage and Federal markets. Our services include strategic consulting, workflows and requirements, gap analysis, data migration/conversion, geodatabase maintenance, application development and integration/implementation with access to Institute of Asset Management (IAM) certified consultants. Tools that enhance ArcPro functionality, such as an efficient and simple Utility Network Trace Tool and asset management of 3D facilities tying directly into Cityworks, have been developed by POWER. All engagements are summarized with a client-centric go-forward plan to assist in project management and planning. POWER’s key spatial objective is to build on the foundation of ArcGIS and integrated operational systems to deliver an enterprise solution from concept to completion. POWER has a deep experience with ArcGIS Portal and Insights on a range of solutions, seamless integration with Cityworks and generating dashboards for clients ranging from crew leads to upper management. POWER has a long history of becoming our clients Esri and asset management trusted advisors. POWER has been a trusted Esri business partner since 1989 and recognized as Foundation Partner of the Year in 2007.



POWER’s staff provides a full complement of geospatial-related services. Our core competencies include business process analysis, work and asset management, integrated systems (OMS, SCADA, CIS, FIS, Dispatch, Design/CAD, SAP, Oracle), and mobile accessibility. We bring a high-level of management skill through our PMI certified project managers, as well as technical staff with the latest ArcGIS Server and AGOL qualifications and experience. Our staff includes high-level Cityworks consultants, administrators, designers and trainers; experienced ArcFM implementers; and system architects and interface designers and developers. We focus on the implementation of Esri-based techology for multi-discipline projects and provide services for upgrades to the latest ArcGIS software and for integration with other Esri partners, including Cityworks, ArcFM, GO! Sync Mobile GIS, and infraMAP. POWER maintains a strong presence in the energy and water industries serving clients nationally in over 21 states and internationally in the UK, Costa Rica and Guam. With over 86 staff using Esri products for projects, some of our 60+ Geospatial/AMS experts offer 30+ years of experience in both technology and industry knowledge to serve the GIS community. POWER has provided ArcGIS/ArcSDE installation, testing, tuning, training and hardware recommendations. We have built interfaces between ArcSDE and many systems to provide access to GIS data and reduce data redundancy between corporate systems.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Business Case Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Hosting Services, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services