Precision Lightworks | PLW Modelworks

Melbourne, FL, United States


Precision Lightworks | PLW Modelworks is a synergy of talent in geospatial modeling and urban model production, with more than a decade of experience in accurate 3D modeling of real-world urban scenes. Precision Lightworks is the research and development arm, while PLW Modelworks is solely focused on creating highly realistic and highly accurate scenes using our proprietary techniques and software tools. We have invested years of research and development into refining and streamlining our 3D model production process. PLW Modelworks delivers top quality texture-mapped urban models in the market, in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost of other custom-made city datasets. PLW Models are great for location analytics related to mitigation/tracking of COVID! Contact us today for more information!



PLW Modelworks provides photo-accurate and geospatially accurate 3D city models for use in GIS applications (as well as entertainment, simulation, real estate, etc.) for planning, analysis, security, visualization, etc. The area you need may already be in our extensive model archive. Or, we can create a custom model for your specific area of interest, and deliver it in a format that matches your system requirements and meets your needs. PLW 3D city models provide a powerful visualization for COVID related mitigation/analysis that can increase stakeholder buy-in. You can learn more from our website at or contact us at

Services Provided:

Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design