ArcGIS Online Installation and Startup Service

By PriorIT Consulting, LLC

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ArcGIS Online is the key component of the new Esri platform which has the potential to transform your use of GIS throughout your organization. The ArcGIS Online Installation and Startup service* delivers a solid strategy along with web maps, apps, and knowledge transfer enabling your team to become self-sufficient with ArcGIS Online. By the end of the ArcGIS Online Jumpstart, you will be able to create insightful interactive maps and apps, share them within your organization, and gain maximum insight into your data. We have established implementation patterns that utilize your existing investment in ArcSDE, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server to bring the power of cloud-based GIS to your entire organization. If you need guidance on hardware, networking options (firewalls, DMZ, internet exposure, use of VPN), and how to best utilize ArcGIS Online within your organization, PriorIT Consulting, LLC can provide that service. Please view our website ( for much more information on how ArcGIS Online can be used, example implementations at various utilities, implementation patterns, and the answers to common questions including security, data exposure, and the most beneficial features.


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