Valencia, Spain


PRODEVELOP, S.L. is an SME within the ICT sector with more than 25 years of experience, specialized in consulting, development, deploying, and operating geospatial solutions based on open source and privative technologies for Maritime, Environment, Tourism, Agriculture, Insurance Transport and Public Administration sectors. Its knowhow covers OGC standards, AI, 3D, BIM, Internet of Things, interoperability of sensor systems through edge/distributed architectures, EO geoprocessing, embedded software, Cognitive systems, HPCs and Digital Twins. PRODEVELOP is a leader of Port Management Solutions and Terminal for Ports 4.0 at both, national and international level. Besides that, PRO offers solutions related to geospatial technologies and services, precision agriculture, Smart Cities or Spatial Data Infrastructures. During the last years, PRODEVELOP has actively participated in several H2020 & FI-PPP projects like PIXEL, EIFFEL, DICE, INTER-IoT, FI-Content2, LIFE Projects: AGROGESTOR and SIGAGROASESOR as well as several ITEA2 projects: APPS, CitySim, ESTABLISH, 3D SAFEGUARD and others and finally also some other projects funded by national or regional agencies.