Encino, CA, United States


Pulsiam is a proven and innovative leader in public safety software, with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Specializing in public safety and disaster management, Pulsiam has used its industry expertise to create a comprehensive browser-based command and control solution that is fully scalable and ideal for both the largest and the smallest agencies. Pulsiam has installed its SafetyNet suite of public safety software at more than 90 locations worldwide, serving nearly one hundred million people, and is the primary CAD provider for Mexico’s 911 system. Pulsiam’s focus is staying on the cutting edge of innovation through product development and by integrating the latest technologies into its solutions. Pulsiam’s latest endeavor is complete drone command and control with live video feed via our SafetyNet Drone Interface. Drones are sent into dangerous situations as the first eyes on-scene, minimizing risk to first responders while providing valuable intelligence, ultimately saving lives and protecting property. As an international company, Pulsiam meets the communication standards, certifications and protocols adopted worldwide.