Quiet Professionals LLC

Tampa, FL, United States


STRATEGIC GLOBAL SOLUTIONS FOR A COMPLEX WORLD​ Core Competencies: Operational Mission Support, Cloud Managed Services, C3I - Geospatial Services, Intelligence Support, DevSecOps, AI/ML and Information Technology Support. At Quiet Professionals, our people are driven by a greater purpose. We excel in extreme situations; where most others fail. We achieve a good far greater than ourselves, whether that’s the safety of American families or strengthening international peace and security. Duty, Honor, Country. We strive to execute everything we do flawlessly because we’re working to build a better world. The name “Quiet Professionals” personifies our unique capabilities, professional demeanor, and commitment to excellence. We provide innovative services and solutions for our clients and partners to enable them to address complex problems and execute their missions efficiently and effectively. We understand the importance of rapidly filling our client’s needs with professionals who are competent in a variety of skillsets. Our documented capabilities and past performance highlight our ability to provide critical mission support in the most complex environments.



Are you looking to work with a defense contractor for your next complex mission, Quiet Professionals is here for you. As a leader in government and commercial defense services, we offer a wide range of services to complete any mission, with a focus on enhanced decision-making dominance in the global power contest. OPERATIONAL MISSION SUPPORT No matter the mission, we’re standing by. Our expertise includes defeating IEDs, integrating forensics analysis with technical initiatives to target hostile forces, and much more. GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE SUPPORT SERVICES Our results-oriented intelligence professionals are experienced in analyzing, planning, advising and providing intelligence support to numerous U.S. government organizations. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES We offer a wide range of full-spectrum IT services and products, primarily supporting SOF, including maintenance operations, SharePoint Development services and more. GEOSPATIAL SERVICES Leveraging our partner relationship with Esri and Microsoft Azure, we provide our clients with 21st-century, industry-leading technology to show you what others can’t see. CLOUD SERVICES At Quiet Professionals, we’ll help you integrate cloud services smoothly and securely, so you can easily implement a range of cloud-based solutions to your current or future problems.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services