Geospatial Real and Personal Property Management (GoRPM)

By R&K Solutions, Inc.

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The GoRPM® Enterprise Software Solution empowers organizations to collect, aggregate, analyze, manage and understand their real property, personal property, and facilities investments. GoRPM enables data driven decision making in asset inventory, strategic positioning and movement of assets, space utilization, condition assessment, sustainability, cost analysis, and budget planning and forecasting. GoRPM fully leverages the Esri ArcGIS Enterprise Platform. The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has granted DoD Provisional Authorization at data impact level 4 to GoRPM Software as a Service (SaaS) with managed services. GoRPM Software as a Service (SaaS) with managed services is FedRAMP Authorized at the Moderate Impact Level. Federal, State and Local agencies can utilize GoRPM to meet the U.S. Federal Government standardized approach to security assessment, authorization and monitoring.


Defense,Education,Environmental Management,Health & Human Services,Insurance,Real Estate

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