RAMTeCH Software Solutions, Inc.

Stillwater, MN, United States


Founded in 1992, RAMTeCH Software Solutions, Inc. (RAMTeCH) launched its core business with a focus on geospatial data and technology services. With consistent high-quality performance and exceptional value through Intellectual Property-based solutions, RAMTeCH has propelled itself into a global geospatial leader and premier Esri data and implementation services provider. In our 30+ years of business, RAMTeCH has grown to encompass three primary business units (BUs): 1. Spatial Enterprise Solutions (SES) 2. Energy Data Management 3. Engineering Services SES encompasses a full range of geospatial services including utility network, data management, professional services, managed services, asset services, and engineering services supporting Utility, Telecommunications, and O&G industries. Our Energy Data Management BU focuses on the processing and analysis of geophysical data for energy exploration, and technology support for midstream pipelines, while our Engineering Services BU focuses on make-ready engineering and fiber network engineering for the telecommunications industry. Consistently delivering innovative and practical solutions, RAMTeCH helps our clients develop and implement solutions that improve overall performance, achieve operational and functional excellence, create a strong competitive advantage, and attain long-term value for their stakeholders.



• DATA MANAGEMENT: Deep domain expertise related to the creation, manipulation, and maintenance of critical geospatial data • UTILITY NETWORK: Follow our Utility Network Advantage Program (uNAP) for business case and roadmap development and deliver the uNet processes and tools to successfully implement the Esri platform and data migration to the UN data models • MANAGED SERVICES: A value-driven approach that focuses on geospatial and operations data and technologies as well as software support through multiple environments and cloud hosting capabilities • PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: Deliver top-notch consulting and technical solutions including business technology consulting, system implementation, mobile, application development, and technology pilots that are tailored to solve utility challenges • ASSET SERVICES: From GIS field verifications to structural pole loading analysis and engineering, RAMTeCH delivers the most cutting-edge asset services with our IP gAsset solution • ENGINEERING SERVICES: Provide design and drafting scalable support to electric and gas utilities Additional services that stem from our core services listed above include: • Executive advocacy & justification • Strategy development • Intelligent data conflation • Needs analysis • ArcGIS platform architecture & design • ArcGIS platform implementation & upgrade • Web & mobile application development • Systems integration • Project & program management

Services Provided:

Application Development, Business Case Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration