RAMTeCH Software Solutions, Inc.

Stillwater, MN, United States


RAMTeCH Software Solutions, Inc. is a global leader in spatial enterprise solutions and engineering services for utility, telecommunication, government and infrastructure organizations. RAMTeCH's Spatial Enterprise Solutions Division offers a full range of services to support Esri's ArcGIS Platform across the enterprise, including consulting, systems integration, implementation, application development, mobile, data integration and management, field asset verification and inventory and managed services. Since 1992, RAMTeCH and its partners have worked diligently to deliver innovative and practical solutions. We help our clients develop and implement solutions that improve overall performance, create a strong competitive advantage, and achieve long-term value for stakeholders. We strive to be “Best in Class” through the practical application of our experience, knowledge, and domain expertise to ensure any solution you deploy is right for your business environment.



• UTILITY NETWORK UPGRADE: Implement our gNet Advantage Program to deliver the processes and tools to successfully upgrade to the UN. • EXECUTIVE ADVOCACY & JUSTIFICATION: Educate executives, and recommend and articulate the value of Enterprise ArcGIS platform. • STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT: Define in-depth strategy (gStrategy™) to ensure your business needs drive GIS program development and management. • DATA MANAGEMENT: Deep domain expertise related to the creation, manipulation, and maintenance of critical geospatial data • INTELLIGENT DATA CONFLATION: gConflate™ is recognized as the industry’s leading GIS conflation solution that solves spatial misalignment • NEEDS ANALYSIS: Align ArcGIS Enterprise platform and spatial data investments with business objectives. • ArcGIS PLATFORM ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN: Provide Esri GIS system architecture and design to enable GIS/IT managers to achieve your business objectives. • ArcGIS PLATFORM IMPLEMENTATION & UPGRADE: Apply best practices and proven methodologies for successfully implementing and upgrading ArcGIS Enterprise platform. • WEB & MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT: Configure Portal for ArcGIS, Collector for ArcGIS to meet the enterprise and mobile GIS needs of your organization. • SYSTEMS INTEGRATION: Provide integration services for OMS, ADMS, SCADA, WMS, ERP, CIS/Billing, compliance systems, and mobile solutions. • PROJECT & PROGRAM MANAGEMENT: Provide on/off-site GIS project and program management

Services Provided:

Application Development, Business Case Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration