Traffic Analyst turns ArcGIS into a complete transportation planning system

By Rapidis APS

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Traffic Analyst has several components that work with different parts of the ArcGIS Platform. Traffic Analyst includes many specific transport modelling tools. Each of this perform a specific generic function, which is used in many different types of real-world transportation models. Each real-world model can use its own distinct combination of the tools in Traffic Analyst. These tools are delivered as Geoprocessing tools and are the core of Traffic Analyst. Traffic Analyst includes a data model for transport modeling. It works with most ArcGIS supported data sources: File Geodatabase, Enterprise Geodatabase (Only SQL Server tested). Traffic Analyst includes a scenario management system, which works with all tools and all datasets. It is a generalized scenario management system, which can be used across the entire ArcGIS platform – not just with the tools in Traffic Analyst. The Desktop Applications works in ArcMap and as a client of ArcGIS Server. The website works with ArcGIS Enterprise. Traffic Analyst includes many support tools for assisting the editing process for individual scenario inputs. Primarily for complex data sets like transit networks and road intersections. Traffic Analyst is available as an extension for ArcGIS Desktop and in an Enterprise edition that includes all Rapidis and Esri software to run a comprehensive Transport Modelling System.


Public Transit, Public Works, Trucking & Distribution

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