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By Remote GeoSystems Inc

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LineVision Desktop™ is a “stand-alone” suite of software applications that leverages Esri ArcGIS mapping technology to map, analyze and then create immersive and interactive as well as traditional reports with geotagged videos, photos, annotations, documents, shapefiles, aerial imagery as well as other enterprise GIS data sources. This easy-to-use software is one of the most “open” and versatile geospatial video analysis tools available. Easily playback properly formatted geo-referenced video files from a variety of consumer video cameras, drones, gyro-stabilized video systems and specialized geospatial DVRs, including our own geoDVR hardware Now even those without GIS experience can easily view this valuable asset location-based multimedia using enterprise maps and imagery data provided by Esri ArcGIS Desktop, Enterprise and Online as well as other compatible GIS data sources.


Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Aviation, Defense, Electric & Gas, GIS, Pipeline, Public Safety, Railroads

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