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Description: offers a commercially available Platform as a Service (PaaS) for synthetic data that enables data scientists to overcome costs and challenges of acquiring and using real data for training AI/ML systems. Customers create applications, called Channels, that incorporate simulated sensors, sensor platforms, and content, such as ArcGIS services, to construct synthetic environments and scenarios. Channels are configured using a no-code web-based experience to control output formats, annotations and metadata, and distribution of assets in synthetic datasets. Typically, generated datasets are composed of images or video with autogenerated labeling that are used to train Computer Vision (CV) algorithms. Channels are used along with hosted job management capability to generate nearly unlimited variety of datasets in a cloud-based, high performance compute environment. offers the " Channel for ArcGIS" which demonstrates how customer organizations can access ArcGIS raster services to create synthetic background environments for data generation.


Defense, Environmental Management, Information Technology

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