POP-Geo (Geotechnical Tests consistency and monitoring)

By Rhama-Analysis Consultoria Ambiental LTDA

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Mining companies carry out geotechnical tests in the field. These tests are usually carried out by partner companies, which execute contracts independently. The work is performed in the presence of independent auditors, called ATO (Technical Accompaniment of Work). Even in this scenario, errors and inconsistencies are generated during execution. The company requires reliable tools for continuous and accurate monitoring of the status of each test, as well as ways to guarantee the quality of the execution of contracts as requested. Our solution focus mainly on the use of ESRI tools to provide efficient data collection, providing the contracting company with valuable monitoring and quality control assets. Clients will be able to track execution status and procedure compliance for geotechnical and GeoEnvironmental tests. This specific solution will allow them to track contractors on the field and the quality of tests been done. Our offer grants them situational awareness on the field, enforce procedures and provides information on best practices. This should promote a better use of resources.



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