GeoDrive for ArcPad

By RIA Mobile GIS

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GeoDrive is an integrated video mapping application that facilitates the capturing of data from the safety and comfort of your office, using HD video footage. The concept is simple, attach a video camera to some sort of vehicle, drive the length of your linear asset network, then come back and do the mapping from within the office. Not only does this improve the efficiency of your field crews, it also provides significant safety benefits; no longer do you need to stand in dangerous locations entering data into a PDA or laptop. In addition, the footage itself can be used for proof of works completed and activities undertaken. As a data provider, it could also be provided to your clients for auditing purposes. The dynamic nature of the GeoDrive viewer provides a number of benefits. Video playback can be controlled and positioned directly from a map; simply click a location on the integrated maps, and view the footage from that location. It also allows you to view and query other spatial information such as assets and record of works in conjunction with the footage. The integration with Google Maps and Google Streetview also provide a wealth of information to assist in your work.


Entertainment & Leisure, Environmental Management, GIS, Highways & Roads, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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