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RIWI stands for "real-time interactive world-wide intelligence". RIWI is a global technology company that provides access to fast-changing consumer and citizen sentiment in all countries. We break through the noise to find the truth about what people really think, want and observe - by reaching the most diverse audiences, including the disengaged and quiet voices who do not typically answer surveys or express their views on social media. Our patented, cloud-based, real-time and interactive platform provides our clients the ability to make faster and improved decisions to grow their earnings or investments, assess consumer and citizen behavior, and to monitor and predict various issues and trends around the world. We have tackled a variety of subject areas such as economic impact of COVID-19 in China; consumer and shopping trends, accurate electoral prediction in various countries, income inequality; migrants and refugees: corruption, gender-based violence, LGBT rights, misinformation, and many others. We collect accurate and global data rapidly. 229 countries and territories, over 80 languages and 1.6 billion interviewees and counting.



RIWI Applications - custom applications built for you track - Customized data streams to collect leading insights on consumer trends, market confidence, competitive metrics and new products and emerging technologies. Engage quiet voices* to more accurately predict macro-events such as economic disruptions, elections, and true political sentiment. ask -citizen and consumer sentiment, custom surveys test -Test consumer and citizen reaction to your advertisements, concepts and messaging through randomized control trials at scale, to optimize and ensure effectiveness. Assess what is working and with what audiences, globally. Continuous feedback loop for program or product development. More accurate methodology and technology reaches authentic voices. Rapid deployment and high-volume data collection within hours. Anonymous (No personally identifiable information data collected). rapid response - Event-driven high frequency response collection to rapidly assess critical situations – including pandemics, violent outbreaks, natural disasters, economic shocks, consumer product recalls, and political instability. RIWI is the only technology that can access every country in the world, including opaque markets and closed societies. audience - Instant exposure to rapidly scale your online engagement (ads, campaigns, games, messages, platforms) through increased exposures. RIWI enables daily delivery to any web page or online campaign in any geography of the world.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Business Case Development, Needs and Requirements