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Leverage our subscription-based data stream to get ahead of the curve. Access insights on consumer intentions, jobs, and personal income in real-time long before official data are available. Official data are often weeks and months behind and are not sufficient to prepare for critical impacts as they happen. Using our best-in-class advanced data collection methodology and technology platform we provide faster and more accurate answers to your economic questions. Understand consumer and citizen sentiment 24/7/365 on issues such as personal income, ability to pay bills, savings, employment, planned entertainment spending and more. We reach a far more representative, unbiased, and broad-based sample of the Web-using public through our truly random approach. We reach the previously silent and unengaged (people who other research providers cannot reach) and avoid the biases of habitual survey-takers, paid surveys, focus groups, and social media analytics technology. Why RIWI’s advanced data collection is the best method to understand the real economic environment •Unique in its ability to capture real-time income and economic impacts, long before “official” data come out, and therefore is weeks and months behind in reporting the most critical impacts right now •Anticipates future consumer demand by capturing intentions, not just transactional or historical data •Always-on Technology - RIWI's High Frequency Economic Data Stream captures economic sentiment 24/7/365 and is delivered in real-time for accurate time series analysis and insights •Diverse and unbiased voices - RIWI’s truly random engagement reaches a far more representative and broad-based sample of the internet–using public. We reach the previously silent or unengaged (audiences that’s others can not reach) and avoid the biases of habitual survey-takers, paid surveys, focus groups, and web •Accurate: economy-wide or industry-specific forecasts are all over the map given the unprecedented economic situation and ongoing high-frequency data is the only reliable source of data to capture inflection points


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