NIMA Integrity Management (IM) – On-Premise Implementation

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NIMA IM provides a configurable platform to model integrity management workflows, execute powerful visualizations and the ability to centralize the results of the analysis to a consolidated system of record in the enterprise geodatabase. NIMA IM allows for the autonomous definition and modification of integrity management processes and integrated algorithms as needed. Not restricted to a set of predefined functionalities, it presents the user with unlimited options in terms of adaptation to individual requirements as new integrity Process Templates can be created and already existing ones altered at any point in time. NIMA can be made available as an on-premise solution or software as a service (SaaS) solution. NIMA as an on-premise solution brings the following benefits: • Deepest integration ability into client environment (GIS, ERP, Document Management) • System hosting and management entirely on customer side, with the option of ROSEN data management and integrity assessment services when needed • Full ROSEN support throughout the entire deployment phase and beyond: from project management to implementation to training to technical support • True alternative to in-house software thanks to highest flexibility of adaptation to individual needs • Amortization of initial investment over time For more information, please visit:


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