Edmonton, AB, Canada


Organizations continually find themselves behind the curve on almost every disruptive event that impacts them – locally or globally. Samdesk helps organizations of all sizes across several industries by alerting them in real-time to disruptions that threaten their operations or people. Samdesk users receive early warning signals with rich context and on-the-ground visuals, well ahead of traditional news and crisis monitoring tools. Users are notified of critical incidents such as active shooters, military action and natural disasters well ahead of news and other sources. With samdesk alerts, if a crisis is occurring in proximity to locations of interest, teams can immediately enact an emergency response, getting people to safety and minimizing negative outcomes during the crisis. Samdesk plugs into Esri’s ArcGIS dashboards to enhance operational systems and get even deeper insights into supply chain management, employee safety, travel, entry to new markets, operational safety and beyond.