Test 3 - Revised 2021

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Partners should complete each section inlcuding the Solution name, type (data, hardware, software), Platform (Desktop, Mbile, Online, Server), descriotion, website, keywords, esri software and version being used, industries that apply specifically tho this solution, screenshots, and links to resources about this soluion. The Solution Descriotion should include enough detail for the user to understand the key benefits of the solution, how it will make them successful and how they can learn more. Include things like - Who it is designed for (what market /industry) - Key benefits, what problem(s) it solves, how it scales - How it is aligned with other solutions you offer - is it part of a larger suite of products - Which Esri technologies are it is designed for – be sure users know if you are using the latest releases (ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS 10.1…) - If this is an online solution, is it posted on arcgis.com or in the ArcGIS for Local Government community in the ArcGIS Resource Center (if yes, include links) - Where is it marketed (global, national, region, named countries) - Where to get more details


Aviation, Community Development, Conservation, Demographics, Education, Environmental Management, Financial Services, GIS, Geologic, Highways & Roads, Insurance, Land Records, Libraries & Museums, Public Administration & Policy, Public Finance, Revenue & Accounting, Public Works, Real Estate, Trucking & Distribution

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