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Schneider Electric's ArcFM™ Viewer provides a cost-effective, fast data browser to leverage and access all forms of enterprise GIS information in a utility. ArcFM Viewer can be run on Esri's ArcGIS® Engine or ArcGIS for Desktop Basic. The ArcGIS Engine software-based version provides a powerful, yet very inexpensive, small footprint viewing solution. The ArcGIS for Desktop Basic software-based version gives a user access to all the robust view, query, and analysis tools found in ArcGIS for Desktop Basic. ArcFM Viewer provides a high-performance, robust query and display tool for utility executives, managers, customer service representatives, and contractors—giving them the ability to analyze the asset data maintained by ArcFM without the expense of a full editing package. They can view, trace, and query data to help minimize cost and optimize investment in maintenance and construction to get the most from the facility network. Benefits – Cost Effective: Offers the power of ArcFM in a small footprint Powerful: Allows access to ArcFM geodatabase information along with powerful network tracing and query tools Convenient: ArcFM Viewer leverages the same viewing interface as ArcFM


Electric & Gas, GIS, Information Technology, Public Works, Telco, Water Resources, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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