ArcFM Viewer with Inspector

By Schneider Electric

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Schneider Electric's Inspector extension for ArcFM™ Viewer allows mobile and desktop users to edit existing feature attributes and manage related objects to support workflows for inspections, joint-use attachments, cathodic protection, pole surveys, transformer audits, leak detection, damage assessments, and overall updating of attribute data. It provides a low-cost solution for editing feature attributes based on ArcGIS® Engine technology. Inspector also provides comprehensive redlining and sketching functionality within the ArcFM Solution, so users can view, query, trace, markup, and quickly update data. With the Inspector extension, utility users have all the functionality of ArcFM Viewer and the Redliner extension, along with the ability to update existing attributes on features as well as create, edit, and manage related records. Next steps: • For questions and assistance, please click here • To schedule an online demo, please click here • To get a quote, please click here For more information: • Visit the partner's Web site for more about ArcFM Viewer with Inspector Extension • Visit the product space on exchange


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