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Sometimes it's more efficient to create simple sketches first, without adding design details. Like Designer, Designer Express enhances a work sketch with GIS information, required materials, and labor costs. The critical difference is that Designer Express allows you to work in a more streamlined, less-detailed manner. Schneider Electric created this fast, easy-to-use tool specifically for design engineers who prefer not to identify every material or compatible unit needed to construct new facilities. Details can be added later after sketch creation, or the sketch can be forwarded to the editing group to complete as the as-built design. Designer Express features – • An intuitive interface • View, add, or remove materials and set quantities • Use materials lists for materials and cost reporting • Design estimating includes cost item library with pre-assigned costs, as well as ability to enter costs per project • Improved abandon/remove functionality • Full integration with Workflow Manager • Easy transfer of information from design engineer to GIS for as-built editing • Built-in commission tool converts design sketch to enterprise GIS data, minimizing manual input Next steps: • For questions and assistance, please click here • To schedule an online demo, please click here • To get a quote, please click here For more information: • Visit the partner's Web site for more about Designer Express • Visit the Designer space on exchange


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