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Schneider Electric's Responder is a GIS-hosted, distributed Outage Management System (OMS)—a complete solution that centralizes functionality through integration of best-of-breed systems. Responder is a simple-to-use OMS that has been developed to be scalable and extensible. It offers users a significant strategic advantage: the ability to deploy OMS with low risk and at reasonable cost. Responder extends an organization's investment in its ArcFM Enterprise GIS to provide trouble-call analysis and outage management that includes: • Call entry and visualization • Incident creation and management • Graphical User Interface (GUI) based on ArcMap • Near real-time operation and fast, efficient updates • System reliability reports • History management and reporting • Crew dispatch and tracking • Network management (switching, jumpers, tagging, cuts, phase swap) • Support for web and desktop access • Support for alarms and events • Easy integration with other systems such as SCADA and telephony, due to use of open standards, and non-proprietary programming languages • Additional ad hoc reports • Support for regions While other systems require separate GIS and OMS databases, Responder uses the existing ArcFM™ GIS database based on Esri ArcGIS®, eliminating the need for redundant update of the OMS database when changes are made to the GIS database. Responder automatically incorporates changes made to the ArcFM GIS into the OMS database. Next steps: • For questions and assistance, please click here • To schedule an online demo, please click here • To get a quote, please click here For more information: • Visit the partner's Web site for more about Responder • Visit the Responder space on exchange


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