SeekOps Inc

Austin, TX, United States


SeekOps® couples its industry-leading sensor technology with autonomous enterprise-grade drones to provide field-proven measurement systems for methane Leak Detection and Quantification (LDAQ™). Our award-winning sensor technology, SeekIR®, was designed for industrial applications, has been independently validated, and provides critical ESG emissions Measurement Reporting and Verification (MRV™) to the onshore and offshore energy, renewable natural gas, and waste management sectors.



SeekOps® offers its precision Leak Detection and Quantification (LDAQ™) services worldwide, tailored to your reporting needs. Our solution combines best-in-class emissions detection and monitoring sensors with quantifiable analytics to support both traditional and renewable energy sectors. The SeekOps® solution helps to maximize safety, ensure asset integrity and safeguard production by rapidly localizing leaks while quantitative emissions data enables effective triage of repair activities. We deliver the same quality of quantitative emissions analysis and actionable reporting globally with the SeekIR® sensor deployed by our specially trained Multi-rotor Partner drone providers. The SeekOps® solution also safely and cost-effectively monitors offshore assets via our fixed-wing partner, delivering comprehensive top-down measurements. In addition to our methane surveys, SeekOps customers can opt for high-resolution imagery for sites or assets, enabling up-to-date contextual reference. For more information please visit our website