Geosoft Add-in for ArcGIS Pro

By Seequent Ltd

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Import, convert and display Geosoft raster files with this free add-in for Esri ArcGIS Pro. The Geosoft Add-In for ArcGIS Pro enables you to seamlessly import, convert and display Geosoft surface and subsurface raster files in ArcGIS Pro. The new add-in includes: - View geophysical or geochemical Geosoft raster files (.grd) quickly and easily in ArcGIS Pro. - Convert multiple Geosoft raster files (.grd) into Esri formats to perform raster analysis or geoprocessing in ArcGIS Pro. - Import sections without georeferencing - sections or subsurface rasters will display in ArcGIS Pro 3D scenes with their correct location and orientation. - Apply geoscientific color methods to enhance important details in your raster dataset and improve interpretation. The Geosoft Add-in for ArcGIS Pro is available as a free download here:


Environmental Management, Geologic, Mining, Petroleum, Water Resources

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