SeerAI Inc

New Rochelle, NY, United States


SeerAI is a data fusion analytics platform with special expertise in spatiotemporal data and AI/ML driven actionable insights. The founders are a really interesting mix of serious wall street credentials, satellite analytics and work in the intelligence world, which means they are highly trained at finding the signal in the noise of big data. We have built a platform that is the dream of data scientists trying to solve super complex data problems with full acknowledgement of the geospatial nature of most data. SeerAI structures disparate data sets with knowledge graph based ontological reasoning that allows our platform to answer questions across a wide range of commercial customer verticals. We are aimed at disrupting companies like Palantir as we can efficiently train the AI/ML models needed for predictive and prescriptive analytics in a rapid, traceable and scalable way that has really never been done before. Indeed, SeerAI is able to answer questions (actionable business insights) that were simply NOT possible before.