Greenbelt, MD, United States


Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies provides our world-class customers with end-to-end IT services for technical and business operations facilities, science and archival data centers, mission control centers, ground data acquisition stations, campus- wide network management, and numerous other support areas. From LAN/ WAN to satellite control centers and mission critical operations, we consistently deliver innovative, customer-focused, high-quality IT support. Our four principal areas are IT Security & Compliance; High Performance Computing Operations; High Availability Systems; and, Network Engineering.



SGT scientists support the development of state-of-the-art climate models at the NASA Goddard Institute of Space Studies under the direction of Dr. James Hansen. The Earth’s climate system and its radiative balance can be thought of as two subsystems—physical climate and biogeochemical cycles—linked by the global hydrologic cycle in a complex feedback mechanism which is strongly influenced by man’s activities. The challenge of global climate research is to model these dynamic and closely coupled systems in order to predict the short- and long-term effects of both natural and mankind-induced forcing. SGT scientists study geodynamical processes to gain insight into the structure and composition of the Earth and the redistribution of mass associated with both tidal and non-tidal sources of forcing. By also studying other terrestrial-like planets and the Moon we have been able to contrast and confirm geophysical models, and establish common bases. These investigations underpin and advance heightened understanding of an integrated Earth system.

Services Provided:

Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration