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PSS®SINCAL is an all-in-one simulation software for power grid analysis and planning, focused on distribution and industrial networks. For over 30 years, the PSS®SINCAL Platform has enabled planning, operations, and protection engineers to tackle different challenges of their changing networks, including maintaining high reliability of supply and efficiently integrating Distributed Energy Resources. It can be used in balanced, unbalanced, radial, and meshed networks – from low to high voltage. With the modular platform of PSS®SINCAL, power system planners and operation engineers are supported with their entire workflow from the initial data import and network modeling (considering past, current, and future conditions) to basic and extended calculations, all the way to extensive protection simulations and analysis as well as other methods in time and frequency domains. PSS®SINCAL is based on an open architecture that enables engineers to eliminate silos in a rapidly changing energy landscape with easy data exchange and integration with various IT systems, such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), SCADA, and Meter Data Management (MDM). Key use cases enabled by PSS®SINCAL: · Improved decision-making and quality improvement through offsetting local generation and demand. · Facilitating renewable generation connection assessments through workflow improvements. · Enabling optimal investment planning through Net Benefit Analysis. · Enabling preventive protection security assessments for different switching conditions, thus improving reliability. · Integrated T&D planning capability delivers synergies in system design and operation by enabling better results and by eliminating double modeling effort.


Electric & Gas, Water Resources

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