Sistemi Territoriali

Cascina, Italy


Sistemi Territoriali was founded in 1991, with the purpose to provide consulting and professional services to enterprises, local and central governments in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Decision Support Systems (DSS) and later Business Intelligence Systems (BI) context. As the first Italian company being ESRI Business Partner and Sas Institute Silver Partner, market leader companies respectively for GIS and BI solutions, it has large experience and various competences on information systems, databases, cartography, statistics, data warehousing, decision support systems, environment and territory-management, WEB publishing. Such competences and the close cooperation with the academic context, where charter members and senior consultants have been involved for several years in research activities and where they are still teaching, have fostered the development of R&D area, that has produced over the years some innovating solutions and suggested successful products in GIS & BI context. Geographical BI systems represent the area Sistemi Territoriali has heavily invested on for more than 15 years, acting as precursor compared to the most important companies worldwide, which realized afterwards the strategic relevance of this subject. Recently the company focused on the Open Data world, developed a solution that allows the building of Open Data portals and, with this technology, realized, the biggest Italian Open Data portal.