SmallGIS Antoni Labaj

Krakow, Poland


SmallGIS is young and a rapidly growing company providing geoinformatics services.The company employs highly qualified specialists with considerable expertise in the systems of spatial information, informatics systems, remote sensing as well as GNSS technology. We are one of the most innovative supplier of applications working in the environment ArcGIS which serving national standards of spatial data. Our products are under the brand name SprintMAP® including SprintMap®.TBD, SprintMap®.Toolset, SprintMAP®.Las, SprintMAP®.MPZP, SprintMAP®.SWDE and SprintMAP®.ETL. As an authorized partner, we supply high resolution satellite images (pixel 0,5m) to country users. On the base of ortophotomaps we carry out analyses of changes detection as well as space detection evaluations. Also we are an authorized distributor of brand-name receivers produced by Ashtech. The company is a manufacturer of specialized in GIS software which is based mainly on the technology ESRI and OpenSource. We implements the projects operate on Desktop Platform, Server and Mobile on a different scale.



On the Polish market SmallGIS is one of very few companies implementing the WMS technology according to the guidelines included in the INSPIRE Directives. Also we offers consulting and training programs related to different aspects of the branch, furthermore we provide full technical support and solutions. International GIS ECDL certificate (called the European Computer Driving License Geographical InformationSystem) is a document certifying that the holder has gained specific knowledge of the practical, theoretical and GIS (Geographic Information Systems). This document is granted in the Europe (outside Europe is, as ICDL), which provides an objective assessment of skills in the EU. In the Polish market Company is a leader in the distribution of a satellite very high resolution ortophotomaps. We offer satellite images recorded up by 14 different satellites. In SmallGIS activities such as processing, data distribution services and implementation of derivatives qualified professionals involved in satellite remote sensing of the department. Based on numerous analyzes we ortophotomaps and services such as: - Built-change detection analysis, land use and inventory of asbestos - Remote sensing and environmental analyzes - Determination of flood hazard zones - Monitoring of forest areas - Generating stereo pairs based on Numerical Terrain Models - Ortorektyfication customer of satellite data

Services Provided:

Application Development, Business Case Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Hosting Services, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services