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Validate forecasts, check real-time weather conditions, and analyze historic trends using in-situ ocean observations (waves, wind, sea surface temperature, wave spectra). Sofar Ocean designs, deploys, and operates the world’s largest privately-owned network of ocean data buoys. This network comprises 1000+ free-drifting, solar-powered, satellite-connected buoys called Spotters. Each Spotter is a low-cost, scalable IoT platform to provide in-situ ocean surface measurements and transmit that data via satellite to the cloud within 30-60 minutes. Spotter is currently used by customers worldwide and has collected over a million ocean hours (and counting) of data. Access live and historic data from Sofar’s existing network of Spotters, or contact us to learn more about deploying Spotters in your specific area of interest.


Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Conservation, Defense, Education, Environmental Management, Fish & Game, Marine, Maritime, Public Safety, Research Organizations, Water Resources

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