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Optimized Clinician Routing for Home Care and Hospice. Multi-stop route optimization software designed for home health care, private duty, and hospice agencies. Lower fuel reimbursement costs by up to 25% while increasing productivity. Enable flexible route-stop reordering - because your patients are your priority. * Create and share accurate, up-to-date, and easy-to-follow turn-by-turn directions. * Incorporate appointment changes up to the last minute. * Schedule for today, next week or next month with Calendar Route Planning. * Missing or bad address alert - correct bad patient addresses as they occur. * Easily import large or small patient and clinician databases. HIPAA-compliant encryption. * Generate mileage and routing history reports to verify reimbursements. * Control and administer routes centrally, by branch or by clinician. * Great for both small and large homecare organizations.


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