lEGANÉS, Spain


Solusoft ( is an Information Technology consulting firm that specializes in digitizing the entire value chain of companies, enabling them to be more productive, more innovative, build better customer loyalty, and attract new customers. We have nearly 30 years of experience in the development of customized software solutions, in sectors including, but not limited to: logistics and transportation, engineering, technologies and utilities or industry and services, offering web and mobile solutions, analytics and integrations with other Information Systems. We digitize the entire supply chain, as experts in the planning, execution (delivery), analysis and simulation stages. With Geographic Information Systems we provide solutions to problems such as delivery addresses, automatic planning, or the calculation of order delivery time. The complete digitization of the entire supply chain involves the use of different technologies (GIS, fleet management systems, mobile applications, etc.); this union of knowledge and technology is our true differentiating value. Although Solusoft is specialized in logistics and the digitization of its supply chain, our expertise provides further GIS solutions: data governance, data quality through manual and/or automatic processes, GIS migrations and implementations, Route planners, Location Intelligence, Spatial Analytics.



We are a great team: in Solusoft there are software engineers who know the needs of each customer and how to transfer those needs to the developed software solutions, always using the required technologies and work methodologies. We have ample experience in the software development market due to the quality of our products and digital services and to our qualified professionals who create customized solutions for each client. Likewise, our cornerstone is constant innovation, the search for continuous improvement and the monitoring of standards and processes that make our projects of the highest quality. Thanks to a powerful R+D+i department that works to be at the forefront of the sector, we offer our customers innovative solutions that allow them to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Likewise, we develop solutions with Esri tools; for instance, we have trained an Artificial Intelligence with ArcGIS to improve business decision making. In short, at Solusoft we create and distribute software solutions that offer great value to companies, improving their daily operations thanks to our extensive experience as technological partners with the companies we help.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Model & Database Design, Implementation, System Architecture and Design, System Integration