SpaceKnow Inc

New York, NY, United States


We’re on a mission to index the physical world. SpaceKnow empowers decision-makers with ultra large-scale planetary analysis. Our secret? A proprietary, AI-powered analytics engine, combined with the world’s most comprehensive collection of earth observation imagery. We use artificial intelligence, in the form of proprietary machine learning algorithms to provide products and services based on exploitation of satellite imagery data, to support decision making of our customers from private and public sectors. We provide actionable intelligence by fusing satellite imagery data with advanced statistics, machine learning, and industry expertise. We provide solutions across these areas: markets activity, D&I, energy sector, oil & gas, land and urban monitoring (e.g. encroachment or construction monitoring), carbon scoring, real estate,...



We are very flexible in how we provide our services The options include: - one-time or recurring data delivery (ArcGIS compatible), - automatic monitoring of locations with an alert system, - integration of our system into a customer's system

Services Provided:

Business Case Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Integration