Sparkgeo Consulting

Prince George, BC, Canada


At Sparkgeo, we build amazing web mapping technology. In fact we've written so many maps we wanted to find out how they performed *in the real world*, so we could do a better job. We realized others cared about map performance too. So we built, it's like Google Analytics for web maps. If you have a web map, you should take a look, we can help you build a better map. In fact, we can deliver completely new consumer insights based on how your users use your map!



SparkGeo is the proud builder of geospatial applications that help geospatial developers and administrators build and optimize web maps. Our core product is Maptiks, which can be found on the Esri Marketplace. Maptiks is like google analytics but for your Esri web maps providing geospatial developers with in-depth web map analytics.

Services Provided:

Application Development