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GeoShield is a cloud-based system that transforms Law Enforcement Agencies into Real-Time Crime Centers. Unlike any other product, GeoShield is a Force-Multiplier that effectively utilizes Agency Data, and Video Integration to assist in daily operations and Real-Time Incident Management. Connect multiple information sources and varied data formats in real-time to acquire a holistic view of all events & incidents happening across your city. GeoShield helps you to accurately anticipate public safety issues and proactively respond to incidents with coordinated response, with applications built with public safety personnel in mind. GeoShield adds location intelligence to the already existing data allowing the users to visually interpret the locations of incidents, calls, and resources within a common mapping environment. Spatial analysis tools allow you to identify nearby associations, and filter the information based on your specific needs. It allows the user to dynamically search and find information relevant to a specific incident or location. This shortens the time to gather information and allows you to provide this actionable intelligence to the people who need to know, when they need to know.


Public Safety, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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