Spicer Group, Inc

Saginaw, MI, United States


Spicer Group delivers Esri based GIS solutions and content in the Government and Water Infrastructure and Energy Sectors. We are staffed by numerous engineering, surveying, planning and technology experts to be able to deliver cross industry solutions to complex problems. Spicer Group cares about the environment, the public interest, our clients and our staff and does everything possible to enhance them.



The aim of the SPICE Group (ICECE Work Group) is to increase the knowledge about business incubation, international business cooperation and promotion, economic policies and development, entrepreneurship as well as technology transfer by acquiring joint projects to: •develop the exchange of information and experience in the fields of regional economic development, business and innovation centers as well as technology and science parks, •promote the establishment of networks or associations (regional, national and international) and strengthen their cooperation •transfer know how and information in the field of business incubation and management of small and medium companies •develop programs for education and training for managers of technology parks, business incubators, regional economic development agencies as well as small and medium companies •increase the information and understanding of different cultures and "ways of life", especially for young professionals •further develop the informal international network as a general link between existing or developing national, regional and international networks.

Services Provided:

GIS Strategy and Planning, Needs and Requirements