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A cost-effective project to efficiently deploy ArcGIS Online to solve real business challenges in two weeks’ time. Below are the simple project steps. REMOTE KICKOFF & REQUIREMENTS SESSION Our team leads yours toward a succinct and comprehensive examination of the business challenge(s) we are targeting, a review of the project plan, and an introduction of the team members. ONSITE DEPLOYMENT Through a series of proven steps, our consultant will successfully implement the solution at your offices: Install/Configure ArcGIS Server | Build DMZ WebAdaptor Server | Publish New Services | Enable Security | Create WebMaps | Test & Validate CUSTOM APP TO AUTOMATE/TRANSFER DATA An optional SSP-exclusive application can be developed to manage collected/inspected data and ensure its usefulness within the back office systems. TRAINING & REMOTE SUPPORT While onsite, SSP provides unique, valuable knowledge transfer on the configuration and management of the new technology, providing the capability to expand usage of the tools without outside help. Upon completion, optional remote support is offered to shore up any questions as you begin usage of the products. Learn more at


Electric & Gas, Pipeline, Telco, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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