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Much of the value of advanced metering infrastructure is tied up in the volumes of data it produces. Achieving the bigger business case benefits promised by AMI hinges on converting the billions of rows of data produced by the system into information you can act on to optimize infrastructure, rates, and service. SSP AMI Intel is a common sense solution that provides fast, easy access to AMI data. For the first time, you can quickly get your hands on all the data you need to support your own complex analyses. Until now, there has been no practical solution for making use of AMI data for advanced analytics. While both traditional and AMI-specific analytics platforms provide powerful tools for interpreting data, they can be challenging to implement, complicated to use, and add a level of expense and overhead that is simply not needed. Your utility is filled with sharp people who understand your business and have built sophisticated models for making complicated decisions. SSP AMI Intel provides easy access to all the data they need to support their own analyses. AMI Intel puts aggregated AMI data into a powerful Microsoft-based data warehouse for access via Microsoft Excel. You can construct your own models and perform mining on billions of rows of data, without the complexity and overhead of an entirely new system. SSP AMI Intel customers are already benefiting in the areas of: Customer Engagement Understand customer behavior. SSP AMI Intel measures consumption patterns of both individual and groups of customers and changes to those patterns, such as those triggered by demand response events. Quickly understand the effect on consumption in relation to the greater population. Load Management Capitalize on transformer capacity and balance load across the system. SSP AMI Intel tracks detailed load data over time based on meter to transformer relationships to help you accurately size equipment and protection devices to maximize utilization and preserve equipment life. Rate Optimization Find the best rate scenarios based on an unprecedented level of intelligence about consumer demand and behavior. SSP AMI Intel can be used to aggregate consumption metrics by different variables and create study groups for comparing consumption patterns across different types of customers.


Electric & Gas, Pipeline, Telco, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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