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SSP Lifecycle Assets addresses the issue of improving cyclical asset, or rotating asset, lifecycle management and how it relates to GIS. Cyclical assets are different than many other utility assets for a few reasons. First off, cyclical assets are expensive assets (especially the large pad-mount transformers and other rotating assets) and they will possibly be installed in multiple locations over the course of their lifecycle. This fact drives a variation in accounting. Most assets (poles, protective devices, conductor, etc) are installed once and are capitalized at the time they are installed. We’ve seen utilities track cyclical asset data, installation history, oil testing, and condemnation data in all sorts of formats from Access databases to old mainframes to Excel spreadsheets. Historically it has not had much to do with the GIS, though these same cyclical assets have been drawn on the maps because they are part of the electric distribution system. As GIS evolved into more of a graphical asset management system, utilities began modeling more than the locations of the cyclical assets in the field. They began to also model a simple representation of the actual cyclical asset records that correspond to the same assets that are tracked in the Access databases, mainframes, and spreadsheets. This software bridges the gap allowing your cyclical asset data to be maintained directly within the geodatabase while being accessed by your non-mapping departments via an intranet website.


Electric & Gas, Pipeline, Telco, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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